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Is India the next superpower?

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From the last 5 years India has shown massive rise in its economy, military power and many other thing. India has given the world many things that includes yoga, the numeral 0, the Ayurveda, Chess, Trigonometry, Pi and Binary Number System, Exact Time of Earth’s Orbit, Wireless Communication, Rulers and lots and lots of things, this list would never end. No one can ignore the importance of India in the development of the world.

India has done massive improvements in the fields of sanitation, equality, corruption and many other things that were stopping it to uplift itself. The contribution of India and Indians are very huge in the sectors like astronomy, biotechnology, mathematics, etc. But, most of the people consider India as a backward, underdeveloped and a illiterate country. But, we need to understand that not the whole India is illiterate or backward, India has some of the finest colleges like for engineering IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology), for medical AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science), for research IISC (Indian Institute of Science), etc. I surely think that India will emerge as a fast growing country and the new superpower. I could not cover the whole but I represented a part of India before you. I think after reading this article your perspective towards India and Indians will surely change. Please share your views about India in the comments.”I am proud to be an Indian”, JAI HIND.

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My life was going as smooth as a cake,                                                                                              It was a cakewalk for me till eight.                                                                                                     But, tsunami of studies hit my shore at nine.                                                                                  Then I searched for a lifeboat for help,                                                                                             I got a log of wood by my parents, teachers and friends.                                                             But, it didn’t help me at all.                                                                                                                 I was an average student, who always got average marks.

Everything had a turning point, I knew,                                                                                           But, it will come so soon I didn’t knew.

At the age of ten I got full marks for first time.                                                                                Then for the first time I felt I wasn’t the man in the street.

I got a bit of success, I even became the topper of the subject.                                                    My success were  many, being the house captain of school or getting full marks.

My life sat on the train to success,                                                                                                      And its destination is to the ultimate success.

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My Experience of Changing School for the First Time

Today I am going to share my experience and my state of mind when I changed my School for the very first time. I changed my school for the first time in 8th standard.

So let’s talk about-

What was my reaction when I came to know that I’m gonna change my school?

I was a bit excited, but also nervous at the same time. It wasn’t easy at all for me to overcome the memories that I had with my old school and friends. I came to know that I have to change school at the end of the session when the Yearly Exams were going on, when I told my friends about it they were also upset and all were sad. The years and years of friendship was going to come at a end. My best friend Parth was also upset and sad, but we all knew that the destiny could not be changed. So, I said goodbye to my friends at the last exam and went forward in my life with a positive attitude.

How was my experience at the new school?

My new school was larger than my old school, it had 2 shifts- Morning Shift and Day Shift, I was in morning shift. There were a lot of students in the new school.

My first day at new school was a total disaster, My first trouble was finding my classroom, I wasn’t given my section at the first, so there was no chance for me of knowing which section I belonged. After wandering a lot in the school for a few time, I decided to go back to the help desk and ask for my section. When I went in the help desk, there was no one there, I knew that I have to wait till someone comes, so I sat there. After the assembly bell, a peon came to me and asked why I was sitting there? I told him everything and he took me to my classroom after wandering a lot. My first day was not that good but after that day things went better and better.



How much time did it take me to make new friends?

It took me around 2 to 3 days,I am a bit introvert type of person, so I had to gather a lot of courage for talking to people. Some came and talk to me themselves and made me a bit comfortable by talking to me. The number of friends increased day by day and I became more comfortable and relaxed.


Did I have any anxiety or fear in the new school?

I did had some fear and anxiety about going to the new school, new people and new environment, but you have to keep calm and focus on your studies and let the things be as they are and just relax.

Tips to control anxiety and fear in the new school and boosting your self-confidence –

  1. Try to talk to people and develop a good communication skills.
  2. Be active in the class and try to put your thoughts in front of the class.
  3. Try to score good marks in exams as this would give you a blast of confidence.
  4. Don’t be an introvert, try to express yourself in the best possible way.
  5. Be nice to people you meet as to leave a good impression on them.
  6. Remember ‘First impression is the last impression’, so try to make a good impression on your classmates and teachers.
  7. Spend time with those people who are kind hearten and  would not demoralize you.
  8. Don’t change yourself or your nature if you face peer pressure, always BE THE REAL YOU.




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The Mirror Image

Loved this inspirational and motivating post. This really gave me a boost of self-confidence and this gave me the Never Give Up Feeling. This is the most inspirational blog for me. Please share your views on this.


Hello Beautiful souls…!!!

THE MIRROR IMAGE– Three most powerful words with the most powerful meaning. If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. Sometimes we have to be our own Hero. and if in case you forget your inner strength just have a look in the mirror because what matter is how WE see OUR OWN SELF and surely not OTHERS.

Yesterday was the kite flying day. One of the most wonderful festival of India. All wanted to fly their kite to the highest peak. Some were successfully doing that while on the other hand  some were struggling with it . Whole scenario was full of joy and enthusiasm and i was lucky to witness that sight. Suddenly, my vision reached to the boy who was unable to fly his kite but he was keep on trying and…

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Hey! Guys this is going to be an introductory blog, so let’s start. My name is Keshav Soni and I am from India. I am a high school student currently studying in 9th standard. I love to write poems, stories, articles and blogs. I started my blog as my computer science teacher suggested me to do so, From the last few years my interest deviated in writing blogs, stories, poems, etc. Due to the study load on me and my exams are upcoming from the next week, I couldn’t be active in WordPress as I have to concentrate on my studies and do good in academics. So I try my best to give equal time to my studies, blooging and other co-ciricular activities. My hobbies are playing table tennis, painting, drawing, sketching and studying. I think more high school students should start blooging as it increases the ability to think and it helps in expressing yourself. Guys please like this post and please follow me and my teacher her username is Unnati Chawda. Thanks for reading.

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IT’S NEVER LATE FOR YOU TO SHINE – An Inspirational poem(Self-Written)

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It’s never late for you to shine,                                                                                                            You never knew you could shine.                                                                                                        You had bad time in your life,                                                                                                              But it wouldn’t stop you to shine,                                                                                                        It’s never late for you to shine.                                                                                                                                                                Others kept pulling back in your life,                                                                                                From the shining shore of your life.                                                                                                  You had a down fall in your life,                                                                                                          But it wouldn’t stop you to shine.                                                                                                        It’s never late for you to shine.                                                        Your failures were many,                                                                                                                      But your success is one.                                                                                                                        Keep trying, Keep pushing.                                                                                                                  Keep fighting on forever.                                                                                                                      Life is a struggle that goes on forever.                                                                                              Now I have just one wish to say,                                                                                                          It’s never late for you to shine.

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RISE AND SHINE – An Inspirational poem(Self -Written)


Rise and shine, Rise and shine.                                                                                                        Like never before, You have shined.                                                                                                  You have the strength, You have the power.                                                                                   Let’s shine above the sky, Spread your wings and fly.                                                                                                                                    Once again you try, And don’t you cry.                                                                                          This rail will make you sail across the new land.                                                                            Of joy and one again you try to rise.                                                                                                   And shine above the sky.

What keeps you bounded, Don’t you ever think,                                                                            You are grounded from the joy of life.                                                                                                Rise and shine above the sky.